Corporate Culture

BJTDS takes people oriented, innovation, honesty concept, leadership standards as the purpose of corporate culture.
People oriented, that is the concept of people-oriented, including two levels, first, employees for the enterprise's main body, the cornerstone of development and valuable wealth. Two is the enterprise pays attention to the staff development, concerns the staff's physical and mental health, creates the condition for the staff, builds the platform. Give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, let employees display their talent, realize the value of life, make contributions to the country and enterprises.

Innovation is breakthrough. Innovation is qualitative change and leap. Only innovation infinite, innovation as the soul, the enterprise has lasting power, can sustainable development.

Honesty is honest, sincere work. Honesty is the sense of social responsibility. Honesty is the innovation of quality products. Honesty is serving customers and contributing to society.



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