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Established in 1989, Beijing Railway Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Group Co. Ltd. (BJTDS for short) has now developed into a national high-tech enterprise, national innovative pilot enterprise and a key member of the China Torch Program.   

We have been certificated for the ISO9001 Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Occupational Health & Safety Management System. We hold qualification certificates for U.S. Software Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), software enterprise, information systems integration & services, engineering construction & installation, security engineering, architecture engineering, professional contracting of mechanical & electrical equipment installation, safe production license and the safety equipment production enterprises for railway transportation etc. We have been appointed as the Technology Center of Beijing Enterprises, A Level Tax-paying Credit Company, Patent Demonstration Enterprise, as well as one of the first Post-doctoral Research Centers in Beijing.

Through 3-decade development, we have formed a strong R&D team comprised of professors, PhDs, masters, and engineers etc. We have developed and formulated 4 railway industrial standards, and independently developed more than 500 categories of products, including special equipments for high-speed EMU trains, locomotives, vehicles, urban rail transits, environmental protection & energy saving products, electronics and information engineering products, as well as the EMU & locomotive accessories such as high voltage transformers, current transformers, insulators etc.

Among these products, 120 items have obtained International Invention Patents, National Invention Patents, and National Utility Model Patents, 2 items have been selected into the National Torch Program and Beijing Torch Program, 60 items have won the National Invention Awards, Science & Technology Achievement Awards of Beijing and China Ministry of Raiways, 25 items have passed the technical review of Beijing Municipal Government and China Ministry of Railways. Our products are wildly used all over China.and overseas, and have gained wide approval and high reputation among our customers including all the national railway bureaus, inspection & repair depots for high-speed EMU trains and locomotives, CRRC, and Mekka Metro of Saudi Arabian etc.

The awards we won in recent years include the Science & Technology Award (2nd prize) of China Ministry of Railways and the first (set) of major technical equipment demonstration projects of Beijing in 2011, Beijing Science & Technology Award (3rd prize) in 2012, Science & Technology Award (1st prize) granted by China Railway Construction Corporation in 2013, Science & Technology Progress Award (1st prize) of Hubei Province in 2014. We are now a leader and major player in the railway transportation major equipment industry both domestic and overseas.

Adhering to the motto of "Unremitting self-improvement and social commitment", we have not only indepently developed new technologies, new processes and new materials, but also actively introduce, digest and absorb the world-leading technologies. We have been successfully cooperating with Siemens, SEW Germany, Mitsubishi, Sony, Omron, ABB Swiss, EICKSCHEN Canada, and GE etc. to bring the wold-leading technologies in the R&D of our major equipments such as Under-floor Lifting Jack for High-speed Trains, Test Bed for Entire Locomotives, and Safety Interlocking Monitoring System etc. We have also cooperated with enterprises in Germany, Italy and Austria, and developed a broad range of products such as cleaning machines for locomotives, high-speed trains, and vehicles, high-temperature & high- pressure automatical cleaning machines for stators, rotors and bearings, pure natural bological recycling cleaning machines for parts and components, general spring test machines, and shock-absorber test machines etc.

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